Protecting Windows from Wind Damage: Why and How

Protecting Windows from Wind Damage: Why and How

With weather patterns changing all around the world, storms are growing more violent and catastrophic with every passing year. These disasters can put the home you crafted with love and care in jeopardy.

The most damaging part of these storms is the high-speed winds that can hurl hail or other items through your window. It becomes paramount to protect your windows from shattering and becoming a safety hazard for your family and loved ones.

Let's take a look at why you need to think about preemptive protection of your windows from these storms. We'll also detail the most common methods you can use to protect them from these events. If you're looking for the top home windows installation service in Dallas, TX, Windows El Chuy is who you need. We can help you protect your home from wind damage and keep your family safe.

Why You Should Protect Windows

Simply put, windows are the weakest structural element in any house. In the event of a hurricane, it is the first area that is going to be compromised. In areas where storms are prevalent, protecting from storms becomes mandatory rather than an afterthought.

The main reason why you need to protect windows is because once they break, inclement weather can wreak havoc inside your home. It can result in thousands of dollars of damages and even unsettle your foundations in the worst case. Storms also have been known to increase pressure inside the house, causing it to collapse, which can result in monetary losses or even death.

Protecting Your Windows Against Wind Damage

1. Impact Resistant Glass

One of the most straightforward solutions when it comes to window protection is using impact-resistant glass. This type of glass is hardened to withstand sudden impacts and other damaging scenarios that cause normal glass to shatter.

Impact-resistant glass also has the advantage of providing additional insulation during storms, improving your energy costs. While it might have a high initial cost, it doesn't need much maintenance. This type of window also adds to the value of the home.

2. Precut Wooden Panels

One of the simplest solutions for protecting your windows against storms is using wooden panels or thick plywood. If you need window protection and are looking for something easy and cost-effective, this is your best bet.

If you're adept at woodworking or know someone who is, this becomes a quick way to bolster your windows. While this is indeed cheap, it might not always be the best solution because it takes time to board up your windows when a storm is brewing.

3. Storm Shutters

A more effective solution that is an evolution of precut wooden panels is storm shutters. These are basically window frames with shutters that can be opened and closed from the outside. Storm shutters are usually made of wood, but there are some cases where metals like iron or steel have been used as well.

Storm shutters are a much more elegant solution compared to hammering in panels. It also adds the convenience of being able to open and close it without much effort. You can also choose a wooden material that fits the aesthetic of your home.

4. Hurricane Fabric Screens

Another interesting solution that is significantly cheaper than shutters is hurricane fabric screens. These come with mounting brackets and are much easier to install than shutters. It is mounted right on your window, and the metal brackets keep them in place. A fabric screen is also the best option for protecting large areas like porches or decks.

Many people prefer hurricane fabric to other forms of protection like shutters or panels because it allows light to pass through. Once the storm has passed, you can easily stow it away till you need it the next time.

5. Clean Your Yard

Cleaning up loose debris from your yard is a great way to prevent objects from hurtling through your window. During really bad storms, winds can get up to some crazy speeds. The last thing you want is something like a rock or even your garden decoration crashing through your window.

In the event of a storm, ensure that you move everything that isn't tied down or fastened away from the windows. Also, take care to trim trees and shrubs to lower the risk of window breakage. Trimming can also have the added advantage of improving the curb appeal of your property.

6. Windows Seal Inspections

Something that a lot of people forget to do is inspection and maintenance of window seals. Improperly maintained window seals can be dangerous in a storm. Air can get in through the cracks and cause pressure differentials, which can lead to catastrophic results.

Maintenance of these seals and relaying them can be difficult to do without professional help. Calling your local window professional in Dallas, TX, is a better idea than trying to do it yourself.

Storms have been growing worse, and you need to take action. Take charge of the situation and opt for preemptive measures to protect your home by talking to the professional at Windows El Chuy. We can provide you with a variety of solutions that are suitable for every budget. Get in touch with us, and we can help secure your windows!